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Starry Sky

The lighting design in the contemporary interior can fulfill different functions. Besides simple lighting or backlighting it can also create disco or relaxing effects as well as be used for decoration with highlighted pictures or photos. Herewith it is possible to light both all the room and separate functional zones (working zone, rest zone, playing zone, and relaxing zones); these interior details are independent from each other and from overall lighting since every element is highlighted separately.

The “Starry sky” system is often used as “relaxing complex”.  The running water is babbling, the mantelpiece will have to be fired up, and work of others starts to annoy, while only “Star sky” will be able to give you a tender relax of comfort and coziness. The quietness and not bright lighting are nonintrusive and do not annoy. All the effects complete by soft calm extinction. The colour design of the ceiling and walls as well as colour spectrum of stars can ideally match the chosen design of the interior. Notably that, the dark blue colour with white-azure stars makes the ceiling visibly higher while adding warm tones of lighting brings the feeling of coziness and makes the stars to seem closer.



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