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Don’t afraid to fantasize:  skillfully selected lighting is capable to represent your interior  in new unusual colors, supplement and improve the usual area, create feeling of comfort and home  cosines, adjust surroundings to individual preferences. Having become an owner of such a chandelier or lamp, you get the unique possibility to create atmosphere of your space with the help of the light.

There are chandeliers for bedrooms and lobbies. They have soft diffused lighting. There are bright chandeliers and lamps of directional light making us active and cheerful. The chandeliers can be installed above a particular zone: dining one, working or resting.

Our company offers chandeliers and other lamps. They are exclusive projects, realized thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. During realization of our lighting projects, we use special LED systems, which we produce ourselves, as well as halogen lamps and crystals SWAROVSKI. Combining our technologies with art painting of a high quality and different frameworks (e.g. nowadays sharply defined acute angles and unsymmetrical arrangements are very popular) you  get not just a light source, but exclusive  light  art compositions.


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