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Light designing of ceilings

We design ceilings in any rooms.

The main profile of our company is design of suspended ceilings. We do not design stretched ceilings. But we offer equipment set “Starry sky” for self mounting.

Ceiling design is an important element of the whole interior. The sky ceiling will make any room in your house more beautiful. We treat ever stage in a responsible manner, from a careful development of an individual sketch till mounting. The ceiling design (in particular suspended ceiling and stretch ceiling design) is developing all over the world. Our sky ceiling is becoming more and more popular, but does not lose its exclusivity.

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Jacuzzi. Bathroom. Starry sky.
Nursery. Ceiling. Painting.
Bathroom. Treangle.Starry sky.
Nursery. Ceiling. Painting.

Kitchen. Ceiling. Starry sky. Cavern lighting. Art work.
Hall. Ceiling. Starry sky. Falling star.
Ceiling. Starry sky.Comet.
Ceiling. Starry sky.Comet. Galaxy. Falling star.

Ceiling. Starry sky.Comet. Galaxy. Explosion. Comet.
Starry sky. Saturn.
Jacuzzi. Bathroom. Ceiling. Starry sky. Art work.
Starry sky. Galaxy. Art work.

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